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Entry Date: September 21st, 2010

Must See New TV Series September Releases

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (Season 1), DVD & BluRay If you missed this new series when it first aired on Starz earlier this year, now is the time to catch up. Through 13 episodes of this historical drama, track the unnamed Thracian grow into the arena’s most cunning gladiator, earning the nickname Spartacus in homage to the former Thracian King who fought with similar vigor. Forced into a life of combat against his will, watch Spartacus try to balance his heartbroken soul, constantly pining for his wife and pre-slavery home, with his kill or be killed new lifestyle. Spartacus: Blood and Sand has something for every adult (not suitable for children), part historical documentary, part action movie, though beware of the shades of soft core pornography for those who might be offended.Community (Season 1), DVD Joel McHale, of The Soup fame, stars in his first TV gig in which acting is required, though the general level of hilarious condescension remains constant. Joined by the legendary Chevy Chase among a host of other funnymen, Community chronicles a Spanish class study group at Green Dale Community College, with each member dealing with a unique personality defect that has landed him or her in what seems to be an entire school of misfits. This well-written, clever comedy is sure to bring a smile to the face of viewers across the country no matter what kind of campus you may have attended. (more…)

Entry Date: September 21st, 2010

Comedies You May Have Missed in Theatres August/September Releases

Kick-Ass (Rated R), released August 7th on DVD and BluRay Are you a super hero? How do you know if you’ve never tried? Tired of living in a world in which people simply don’t care about or stand up for each other, one teenager decides to take matters into his own hands, dubbing himself “Kick-Ass”. Though unlike Spiderman he doesn’t have any magical bite-infused superpowers, just a cape-less costume he has delivered to his home. When his crime fighting exploits become a YouTube hit, Kick-Ass teams up with other amateur crime fighters across the city in an effort to take down small time crooks and big wig kingpins. With Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Nicholas Cage this cast puts together an uproarious performance even people who don’t like comic books or super hero movies will enjoy.Date Night (Rated PG-13), released August 10th on DVD & BluRay Most bad dates don’t turn life threatening. Unfortunately for married couple Phil and Claire Foster, played by Steve Carrel and Tina Fey, this isn’t just a regular date night. After their friends file for divorce citing a lost spark in their romance, Phil and Claire decide to jumpstart their monotonous suburban lifestyle by spicing things up with a trip into the city, but finding themselves without a reservation for one of New York’s hottest new restaurants, they cleverly take another couple’s reservation when the hostess comes calling. All is well until they realize the reservation they stole belonged to a couple on the wrong side of powerful mob bosses who now think the Fosters are the Triplehorns and refuse to believe otherwise. Boredom is now the least of their concerns as they must work together and rekindle their relationship to survive. (more…)

Entry Date: September 21st, 2010

Buried in the Bargain Bin Golden Oldies that Never Get Old

Point Break (1991) Enjoy Patrick Swayze at his finest in this high octane undercover cop film. Keanu Reeves stars as Johnny Utah, a former Ohio State quarterback turned FBI agent, tracking a band of surfing bank robbers who satisfy their thirst for adventure at every turn. But when Utah finds he has a close bond with the surfing crime crew, he is torn between his allegiance to the shield and his faith in his friends. Full of action, one liners and vintage Gary Busey, Point Break delivers all you could possibly ask from an early 90′s classic.Cocktail (1988) Arguably the most underrated film from Tom Cruise’s prolific career, Cocktail is a drinking movie you can enjoy either sober or inebriated, though don’t be surprised if you at least crave a Pina Colada by the time the setting shifts to Jamaica. Brian Flanigan is a returning army vet who wants nothing more than to be successful, though the only job he is able to land is that of a bartender. Delving into his craft, under the tutelage of his mentor and head bartender Doug Coughlin, the two open their own bar where they show off their well-honed bartending talents from juggling bottles back and forth to tall shot pyramids. After a falling out between the two partners, Flanigan heads down to the Islands where he pours drinks and falls for a good-hearted hotel guest, until an ill-conceived bar bet with the vacationing Coughlin forces him to re-evaluate his stance on friendship, success, love and loyalty. (more…)