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Entry Date: November 16th, 2010

Save Money at the Theater

Though buying or watching a movie at home is almost always a cheaper alternative, there are plenty of ways to save a few extra dollars by cutting back on exorbitantly high movie prices. Ticket prices will vary depending on where you live, sometimes north of 10 just to get in the theater, so follow these tips to help cut back your spending or get more back for your several bucks.Bring Deep Pockets or a Big Bag Unlike airport security, you most likely won’t be subject to much screening when it comes time for the theater. The ticket checker is likely your only major obstacle in avoiding the concession counter yet still enjoying a snack and beverage filled viewing experience. Loose clothing or simply a purse can easily conceal a bottled soda and boxed snack size items. Unfortunately, a tub’s worth of popcorn is a very difficult item to conceal unless you’re wearing bag-lined Hammer Pants, so if you can’t sit through a movie without the cinema’s classic staple be prepared for another 6.50.Make the Matinee Evening and night movies are more popular than earlier shows, thus as demand rises so does the price. Schedule your movie theater trip for an open afternoon and keep and extra 2 to 4 bucks per ticket, varying by theater. (more…)