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Entry Date: April 27th, 2011

Save money, watch movies at home

The economy is forcing a number of individuals to rethink their behavior and curb their spending in the area of entertainment. Movie prices, for example, are an aspect of entertainment that has continued to rise sharply over the last several years. It’s only natural for consumers to look for other ways to entertain themselves as prices increase.

Many people have made the decision to simply watch movies at home. It’s not a bad idea at all because the new rise in high definition technology and Blu-Ray movies brings some of the best video and audio quality directly into the (more…)

Entry Date: April 14th, 2011

Money saving tips for movie goers

A night out of the movies can amount to quite an expensive evening. Purchasing everything from tickets to snacks and drinks at the concession stand can add up to a hefty price tag. Going to the movie theater does not have to empty your wallet. There are plenty of things any moviegoer can do to save money while seeing the latest Hollywood release.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to go to a matinee. Movie tickets are typically priced higher in the evening because that is peak viewing time (more…)