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Entry Date: September 21st, 2010

Buried in the Bargain Bin Golden Oldies that Never Get Old

Point Break (1991) Enjoy Patrick Swayze at his finest in this high octane undercover cop film. Keanu Reeves stars as Johnny Utah, a former Ohio State quarterback turned FBI agent, tracking a band of surfing bank robbers who satisfy their thirst for adventure at every turn. But when Utah finds he has a close bond with the surfing crime crew, he is torn between his allegiance to the shield and his faith in his friends. Full of action, one liners and vintage Gary Busey, Point Break delivers all you could possibly ask from an early 90′s classic.Cocktail (1988) Arguably the most underrated film from Tom Cruise’s prolific career, Cocktail is a drinking movie you can enjoy either sober or inebriated, though don’t be surprised if you at least crave a Pina Colada by the time the setting shifts to Jamaica. Brian Flanigan is a returning army vet who wants nothing more than to be successful, though the only job he is able to land is that of a bartender. Delving into his craft, under the tutelage of his mentor and head bartender Doug Coughlin, the two open their own bar where they show off their well-honed bartending talents from juggling bottles back and forth to tall shot pyramids. After a falling out between the two partners, Flanigan heads down to the Islands where he pours drinks and falls for a good-hearted hotel guest, until an ill-conceived bar bet with the vacationing Coughlin forces him to re-evaluate his stance on friendship, success, love and loyalty. (more…)