Entry Date: July 6th, 2011

Money saving tips at the movie theater

Going to the movies can be very expensive these. It just seems like every year the ticket prices jump up a dollar or two, which makes it harder for people to take their kids and dates to see a good movie. As far as trying to get a discount on movie tickets, unless you’ve won a couple on a radio station or you work at a movie theater, you are going to pay full price (unless you are an elderly or child). But you can go around that by checking your local theater to see when a matine show comes on. usually a matine show cost a few dollars less than a regular hour show. This will at least save you money.

Now for the food part. Sometimes, if not all the time, you are going to spend more money on the food that they sell than the actual ticket itself. What I would suggest you to do is go to your local store and purchase something there. The price is 75 cheaper than the movie theater price and the best part is that you might get more out of the food that you buy outside than what you buy in the theater. Now as to get the food inside might be a little hard, but very possible. For ladies, just put it inside your pocketbook. For men if you have a backpack, just place them in your backpack. If it’s small enough, put it inside your coat pocket to make the take at hand easier. By following these steps will make your movie experience much more affordable.